Dutch Master Watch Builder

As a recognised watch restorer with more than 45 years of experience in restoration, repair and maintenance of all types of watches, Willem van den Berg is renowned as a passionate specialist, inspired and with a strong urge to create. The name Willem has earned among experts ever since his first steps towards the watchmaking profession in 1968, is primarily due to his versatility and historical knowledge regarding five centuries of timepiece technique. This background of knowledge and skills forms the source of inspiration for his watch line. The spirit is embodied in the values of craftmanship which are always present in the essence of a Vandenberg watch.


The philosophy behind this luxury Dutch watch brand can be found in the manner in which these authentic limited watches are constructed: each with it’s own (personal) story. That’s why custom built watches with their own story and personal elements are important to us. Other elements for the exclusive watch collection are: high quality of the (precious) materials and timepieces used, dependable, customer focus, finesse and design, craftsmanship in the many handmade parts. This reputation also undisputedly also comes from Willem’s consistent passion by which the company professes its philosophy and officially trains apprentices, stimulating the timepiece maker’s craftsmanship younger generation.


Willem van den Berg is a Dutch watch-producer and service center. His own style and ideas are original and have been created with long term vision. Willem benefits from this complete freedom of creativity. The company develops and builds its watches reflecting its own exceptional craftsmanship and emotion. Van den Berg is a master timepiece maker at the “Nederlandse Gilde van Goudsmeden and his spirit is a guarantee of authenticity, durability and reliability.



VandenBerg watches are part of the Dutch tradition in historical clocks and watches. It’s the story of knowledge of restoration of a unique heritage, a combination of experience, inventiveness and passion that vouches for the company and revitalizes its disciplines and skills. Staying loyal to the noble craftsman techniques, both the watchmaker and the artisan perpetuate the wonderful timeless gestures and the sharpness of the eye, day after day. These skills live on here in harmony with the technology.

Willem van den Berg has evolved from watch repairer to a watch creator/builder with only one goal: the development, production and assembly of authentic watches with a story. More than ever, todays watch-buzzwords, “quality” and “craftsmanship”, can be found in every aspect of a Van den Berg product. The terms craft, technique, external elements or aesthetic aspects, the performance of every function or the accuracy of the timepiece, Willem Van den Berg and his team are here to ensure that they are there.

Willem Van den Berg has always thought of his watches as exclusive creations. The models are exclusive or manufactured in regular production in small numbers. From their design all the way to mechanism, they deserve a special place in the hearts of watch lovers. The quality standards, applied through every step of the development process and in the long months of tinkering and finishing, make every VandenBerg watch a precious, unique creation in the eyes of the expert.

The product of an enormous amount of knowledge and work has an emotional and personal value. It’s an investment for now and for the future. The great sentimental value that VandenBerg watches acquire in the eyes of its owner, add a very special value to the assets of a family.

Quality Guaranteed:

Master guild Watch repair and design STUDIO
40+ year highly trained and experienced watchmakers.
With long standing world class experience and techniques.

Materials & EQuipment
Only the best and most professional equipment is used for development of all our timepieces and Willem van den Berg only invests in experienced and respectable suppliers of resources.

Certified & Awarded
Licensed and awarded. Willem van den Berg is a renowned and beloved one-of-kind Dutch watchmaker who offers a guaranteed quality products and services.

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